Stand Up Paddle Surf  Darwin

  Stand Up Paddle Darwin  sell the gear to get you going in local conditions!  Find us at Fun Supply in Nightcliff. ( 4 / 7 CARYOTA COURT, COCONUT GROVE)  

WE SELL FUN gear that's meant to get wet !  We sell Stand Up Paddle boards,  canoes, kayaks, kites, surf skis, surfboards  and all the gear to go with them, like :-   bags, paddles, leashes and sunnies that stay on when you bomb out !   Also surf  helmets, booties, stinger suits and GO PRO cameras to catch your finest moves. To avoid selling dud gear, we have to test it....often.  

That means we are at the beach a lot, teaching, training, and just helping our customers. 

WE'D LOVE TO SEE YOU AT THE SHOP, but call us. We may be at a beach near you.

                                                   0419 443 144

HOURS:  Open most days,  6am to 6pm if the door is open and/or we answer the phone.

             PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, and we’ll call you asap.


We SUP and Surf in Darwin all year round.  No prizes for the biggest waves, which is great for learning, but big enough to get a 100m + ride when you know where, and when to go. Having the right gear helps too, so we stock the stuff that will work best for you in local conditions.

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